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Everyday thousands of new marketers join traffic exchanges. Everyday thousands of new marketers buy crypto-currencies. ADSactly Hits is on the bleeding edge of traffic exchange technology. A first of its kind advertising collective combining crypto currency, social inegration, gaming, and a traffic exchange into one membership.

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Never before has anyone created an entire marketing platform based on crypto-currencies. Everyday members have the chance to earn real cryptoCredits simply by doing ADSactly what they are already doing - networking, marketing, advertising, and interacting. The more members utilize our network of services, the more they earn in crptoCredits.

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Join us and be a part of this first of a kind marketing system that allows you to earn traffic, make connections, play games and earn cryptoCredits cash from your marketing efforts. With our 100% custom built marketing system you will find yourself creating a substantial crypto-currency dividends right along side your primary business.

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Short Video Presentation

This is the short video presentation to the ADSactly Hits website. It is a shot fun 45 second video that briefly gives the general idea of why ADSactly Hits is not like any other traffic exchange. It shows of the 4 major types of exchanges that ADSactly Hits has to offer but does get into details about things.

For more details about ADSactly Hits please watch the long video presentation and view the "our features" section below.

Long Video Presentation

This is the full video presentation explaining the ADSactly Hits Compensation plan. This plan is very involved and we have done our best to explain it. There is more detail information about what exactly happens with our members money below. This video specifically relates to the compensation plan.

To learn more about the products and services we offer please read the section below entitled, our services.

ADSactly Services

ADSactly is a very large network made up of many different
websites, partnering websites, services and various crypto
currencies. ADSactly Hits is one part of that network that mixes
our crypto currency training with a
platform where members can purchase a crypto currency
package while also being part of a crypto advertising
network where they can earn Credits for performing
various marketing tasks.


Surf Exchange

Set how many credits members get to view your ads, earn that many credits viewing member ads.

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Social Exchange

Offer and earn credits exchanges connects, likes, tweets, retweets, and many other different ways.

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Video Exchange

You can also earn video traffic in four different ways including getting thumbs up and building followers.

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Audio Exchange

Build listeners to your podcasts on the two largest audio provides for independent content creators.

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ADSactly is a crypto holdings company. What that means is we use the money from customers and affiliates to create a crypto portfolio by purchasing various cryptoCredits. As the value of the various Credits go up, our crypto portfolio increases in value. We pay our members dividends based on the earnings of our holdings.

ADSactly Hits is a decentralized crypto based and credit based Advertising Network. Advertising from this website can currently be viewed on this website as well as 7 different social networks at the time of this writing. We also have future plans to create a system that will allow ads to be viewed on a multitude of sites including the ADSactly Dating site, the ADSactly Crypto site, and on partner and member sites.

ADSactly Hits nor its parent company ADSactly is part of or knowingly involved with any sort of scam. We only pay affiliates commissions in the way of finders fees for finding new advertisers and new publishers. We pay our members in the way of dividends from our earnings portfolio.

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