About ADSactly HITS

Every Day Thousands of new Marketers Join Traffic Exchange Websites. Every Day Thousands of new Marketers Buy Cryptocurrencies. ADSactly Hits is on the Cutting Edge of Traffic Exchange Technology.

A First of its kind Advertising Collective combining Cryptocurrency, Social integration, Gaming, and a Traffic Exchange into one Membership. we are a very large network made up of many different websites, partnering websites, services, and various crypto investments.

ADSactly Hits is one part of that network that mixes our crypto investment training with a platform where members can purchase a Crypto Contribute Package while also being part of a crypto advertising network where they can earn coins for performing various marketing tasks.


ADSactly Hits is a decentralized crypto based and credit based Advertising Network. Advertising from this website can currently be viewed on this website as well as 7 different social networks at the time of this writing. We also have future plans to create a system that will allow ads to be viewed on a multitude of sites including the ADSactly Dating site, the ADSactly Crypto site, and on partner and member sites.

What are included

  • # Surf Exchange
  • # Audio Exchange
  • # Social Exchange
  • # Rewards Exchange
  • # Video Exchange
  • # Coin Exchange
Crypto Coins